MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - "Everything is here" lathe-cut 7" (Gold Soundz)
MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - "When The Windmill's Whirls Dies" LP (Eclipse Records)

[..] The other 7" is My Cat Is An Alien playing "Everything is here" in their now identifiable Italiano improvo manner. Patience and spirit-sense are the earmark of this brother duo and this offering, along with their "From the earth to the Spheres" series of art LPs, is choice.
[..] Another sweet slub is one more new one by well-known Italian brothers, My Cat Is An Alien. "When the windmill's whirl dies" (Eclipse) shows the Opalio boys' creepy side. There's muttering in the night and the static huzz of small massed engines just over the nearest sand dune. Some sections have suggestions of a definitive Saturnian ring-job, others are more Terrestrian.
(Byron Coley and Thurston Moore, 2005, Arthur magazine)


MY CAT IS AN ALIEN – “Il Segno” LP (Starlight Furniture Co.)

Italy’s MY CAT IS AN ALIEN is the finest two-brother band from Italy since the end of the Great War. Their sounds move through the air the way that a tub of fine Roman butter moves through a circus ape, and their new LP, Il Segno (Starlight Furniture Company), is another stab into the brilliance of the dark. None of their albums really sounds that much like any of their other ones, but all of ‘em sound pretty great and this ‘un’s no exception. The overall textural cohesion is provided by a simmering wall of electric guitar that gets stunned with a whole assortment of things: string plonks, toy instruments, mopey voices, starling urine, pierced nipples, etc. And hey, there’s a third guy on this one, too. But he is not a brother. Still, he helps to widen the palette here, making the creepy stuff creepier, the tinny stuff tinnier, and the blazier curtains of puh blazier. So, maybe he is a “brother”, y’know? Either way, the soundscapes here will tap at so many of your inner windows that you’ll be flipping your head back an forth like a tuna. And that’s a nice feeling this time of year. Ask Charlie.
(Byron Coley and Thurston Moore – Arthur magazine)