My Cat Is An Alien - "…Ascends the Sky" CD (Rebis / Whitened Sepulchre)

Italian improv duo My Cat Is An Alien is beginning to approach Acid Mothers Temple status in the sense that there seems to be a new release wearing their name pretty much every month, and that at least half of these recordings tend to be released in all sorts of obscure formats and limited editions. …Ascends the Sky is a reissue on Rebis/Whitened Sepulchre and it's is by far one of the finest things I've heard from these alien cats in quite a while. We get a tasty bit of zoned out dronescapes that from time to time strikes me as surprisingly warm and even emotional. All in all it drifts along slowly and explores the sonic depth of the guitar like very few others can.
(Mats Gustafsson, August 2006, Broken Face)

My Cat Is An Alien - "The secret of the Dancing Snow" CD (Ikuisuus)

In a recent interview in Dream Magazine Italian My Cat Is An Alien stated that their music contains a basic aspect of psychedelia, in terms of hypnotic reiteration of sounds. I think they said that they "create multi-stratified space sounds, which produce a sensation of cyclicity, similar to the effects of early minimalism". Judging by The Secret of the Dancing Snow (Ikuisuus) the concept of minimalism and repetition does indeed seem to be close to the band's idea of space music. It's a divinely beautiful journey that's based around extended wordless tones from Roberto Opalio that blends beautifully with a seemingly constant swarm of electronics, chiming bells, layers of echoing guitars, all sorts of space-sounding toys and the occasional pounding cymbal, but the overall sound is actually so massive it's sometimes difficult to make out what's what here.
(Mats Gustafsson, July 2006, Broken Face)