** by Roger Batty / Musique Machine (UK)

"This ltd release is a collaboration between one half of My Cat is an Alien Robert Opalio and Ramona Ponzini of Painting Petals On Planet Ghost. It Finds the pair investigating more earth bound and richly meditative structures than My Cat Is an Alien.

The album consists of wonderful rich and warm and sometimes playful 30 minute track, which is built around handmade wooden percussion, Japanese bells, Wind Chimes, toy piano and strange looped chanted vocals courtesy of Robert Opalio. It just feels so soothing and calming, the various sounds slowly shift and merging to make a wonderful futile rhythmic and ambient journey. I guess you can hear traces of drone music, world music and toy town musically explorations, but they managed to make it very much of their own soothing sound, with its captivating, delicate and intricate tones. It seems to become more haunted and less playfully as the track progresses streached out certain tones, with other baying and calling ,bellow them like strange spoken voices from the other side.

Yet another very rewarding My Cat is an Alien related releasers. Really it beggars belief that they seem unable to put not a foot wrong at present, when you look at the prolific nature of there releases. Go and get this before there all gone just here [www.mycatisanalien.com]."

** by Tom Sekowski / from GAZ-ETA (PL)

"Take away Maurizio from the previous trio and you've got yourself Praxinoscope. Ramona and Roberto play a variety of instruments on one 30 minute track. Everything from Japanese bells, wind chimes, wooden percussion, and toy piano to faint whispered vocals are featured. The way the music is structured is in a highly non-linear fashion. There is no beginning, middle or end but rather we get an edited glimpse into what I think may have been a much longer improvisation. Large chunk of the piece is taken up by gentle back-and-forth trading of tinkling of Japanese bells, wind chimes and toy piano. With no rhyme or reason [and what seems like no particular destination in mind], the duo revel up the perfect atmospherics and music that is sleep-inducing, trance-heavy and calming in one, long, peaceful breath."