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PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST - 'Oounabara' 12"/cassette (Opax Records)

*** by Thurston Moore & Byron Coley, January 2007, BULL TONGUE 2006 PLAYLIST

"Gorgeous Lathe cut w/ original copper-gold ink drawing on one side of the disc by PPOPG's Ramona Ponzini . From Italy, Ramona is a collaborator w/ the incredible My Cat Is An Alien who have been issuing varying series' of small press vinyl LPs that run from amazing to astounding. Like the previous PPOPG LP on Time-Lag this one goes for the spirit sky of light and energy. Ethereal vocals and droning amp action make this a sweet ride. Other member Roberto Opalio offers a DVD of silent films to be watched while listening if one is so inclined."