** by Brad Rose, editor / FOXY DIGITALIS online music magazine (USA)

"Oklahoma is full of open spaces and windswept plains. People often underestimate how much beauty there is in these simplistic landscapes. The majesty is derived from the serenity. My favorite moments driving from St. Louis back to Tulsa is the transition from the Ozark hills of Missouri to the endless open spaces, covered in green grass and wildflowers, that dominate Eastern Oklahoma. It's magical to me and ridiculously inspiring.

What does any of this have to do with Praxinoscope? Everything and nothing, really. First off, Praxinoscope is a new Italian duo featuring Roberto Opalio (1/2 of the the space-brother duo, My Cat is an Alien) and long-time MCIAA collaborator, Ramona Ponzini (the two also have a project with the other Opalio, Maurizio called Painting Planets on Petal Ghost). This project traverses a similar terrain as MCIAA, but is perhaps closer to Roberto's brilliant solo album, "Chants From Isolated Ghosts."

Opalio's vocals star here, taking the limelight and thriving inside it. Effects drench his voice making it something truly not of this world. These lunar oceans of sound are magnificent and totally enthralling. It's as though he's a cosmonaut trapped inside a glass box, unable to travel the reaches of space. Such confinement derails your mind and Opalio sounds like a person struggling against himself. At times, hearing this is almost too much - there's simultaneous discomfort and exorcism happening and you can't quite focus intently on either. You are a passive player in this exercise, lost in the crevices Opalio and Ponzini create.

I cannot discount Ponzini's contributions to this 40 minute piece, either. While it may seem minimal on the surface, her various "Japanese percussions" (mostly chromatics, cymbals, and the like) add a great deal of needed texture to counterbalance Opalio's haunted wails. It is reminiscent of the way Finnish master, Keijo, works in a lot of percussive elements to his tracks. And it has the same effect.

Praxinoscope is a great new project from the always wonderful My Cat is an Alien. This is one of Opax's finest releases. Bringing to mind the vocal transcendence of the Skaters, Praxinoscope are proof that you don't need any instruments to make amazing sounds. This is wonderful, wonderful music."

** from BOOMKAT (UK)

"Coming on a rather gorgeous picture-disc, this album mysteriously titled 'Praxinoscope' comes from the hallowed land of My Cat is an Alien, and features the band's Roberto Opalio on production duties with associate Ramona Ponzini on Japanese percussion. As I'm sure you'd imagine coming from MCIAA the order of the day is spiritual, and the Japanese bells make a huge impact on the sound, taking you into a far Eastern realm of meditation and cherry blossom. I can imagine practising some kind of ancient martial art or yoga listening to this music, but at the same time it manages to retain a menacing undercurrent, a feeling of deep disturbance bubbling beneath the surface. The album is split into two tracks (one per side), the first taking more of a peaceful chiming route while the second travels further into the realms of darkness and drone, maybe closer to the regular work of MCIAA. I've heard a lot of this sort of stuff over the years but Opalio and Ponzini have definitely come up with a winning formula, listening to this slice of wax is like sinking into another dimension, and that's exactly what it should be. Spiritual in the best possible way."