MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - "When The Windmill's Whirls Dies" LP (Eclipse Records)

'When The Windmill's Whirls Dies' is the second release of a proposed trilogy for Eclipse Records that started with the highly acclaimed 'The Rest Is Silence' and here My Cat Is An Alien certainly go beyond expectation delivering one of their finest releases to date. Three brand new lengthy tracks much more stripped down than their previous efforts and all the more beautiful for it. The pieces here are delicately built up from an array of processed electric guitars, static, feedback, microscopic bleeps and many other unrecognisable sounds that seem to float in and out from the ether making the music shimmer in the light. The title track even starts with a poem by Roberto Opalio which normally I would be cynical about but here fits perfectly and further illuminates the music.
I can safely say that My Cat Is An Alien genuinely don't sound like anything else in music right now and 'When The Windmill's Whirls Dies' will certainly back that statement. As a few added bonuses the vinyl is a superb dynamic cut and pressing and comes housed in a hard card gatefold sleeve with some fitting cover and inlay photos. Beautiful.
(2005, Second Layer Records)