*** by Roger Batty, July 2007, MUSIQUE MACHINE (UK)

Il Suono Venuto Dallo Spazio finds the Opalio Brothers on another long improvised and psychodelic trip to another world inside our self's or outside our star system. This is a remarkable well recorded live performance from last year's FIMAV festival.

The cd is split into two star soaring and strange world tinged tracks lasting just close an hour altogether. Entitle Parts one and two, with Part one taking up over 35 minutes of sound and Part two runs at 15 minute mark. To me this new sound adventure seems to take us either to; The African plains to experience bizarre internal journey with-in our self's and getting lost with-in vast heat hazed plains on a trip of self discovery. Or It's a trip to a desert like world that it's beautiful and haunted place where triple sun's bake down on its orange sand expanses. As the first part simmers into view you're taken over the lands strange singed and exotic tranquilly, but as the track developers there seems some unrest in this orange paradise, as two tribes of wasp like people fight, then it escalates into battle- as the brothers paint their disagreement and anger with great growing/building atmospherics. They aptly mixed together tribal and ethnic like percussion air, with build sound detail and noise to the tracks breathing-taking finale that mixes together pounding and warlike drums, weird insect mass chanting and buzzing, like a thousands wasp people descending on each other, as the track fades out an eerier sound like a broken space transmitter is looped, seemly as if all is lost.

Part two starts and makes clear all is not lost- It sees a return to a bit calmer air through there's still mad insect chattering and weird spacey noise swishing, but there seems ambience and calm at it's base now, as if the two tribes decided to live together in some sort of harmony- as a strange ancient god raise from the desert plains chanting his pleasure and joy at there joining, as the track nears the end crimson night starts to settle on the planet with brothers producing slowing and settling spaces tone, with the insect chattering is calmed.

Another wonderful and captivating sound journey from the pair, which sees them, weaving in new sound textures, tribal percussion and genral sound painting perfection. As they Once more develop and grow their improvised space music into new facets of imagination.

** from GAZ-ETA (PL) / by Tom Sekowski

[..] Speaking of judging great releases, their most recent live release "Il Suono Venuto Dallo Spazio" is one that will open a lot of peoples' ears to their music. Recorded at this year's FIMAV, the record is slightly more intense in parts than its predecessors. While the first part of the concert started off almost pleasantly - with bits and pieces of percussion and a wall of cosmic guitar - midway through, the space guitars became excessively noisy. We're talking feedback, Haino-fest territory here. This is take-no-prisoners stuff. With a wall of sound this thick, something has to give. When it stops, various bells and percussive tools are at play again, while cosmic guitars settle down. While the noise comes in and out a few times, a break arrives with a lovely mini xylophone solo that is accompanied by occasional strikes of a tom-tom. The brothers go into interstellar overdrive near the end of the piece, as they create an even thicker, higher pitched cacophony that is difficult on the ears. Part two is equally as noisy [a ton of electronics give an appearance of a stellar, sparkling galaxy], though it does have a few "tender" moments that allow the listener to concentrate on the details. I have a gut feeling the Opalio brothers wanted to make a stark impression on the audience at this year's Victo. The audience had to be shocked and rattled. Which leaves me with a final observation - you'll either love this concert or you'll absolutely despise it. It's hard to be indifferent when you're faced with these sounds."