'Black Shadows from Jupiter' art edition

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Vol. I & II'
2010 - 2CD (Opax Records / Elliptical Noise)


Special limited art edition of 20 copies of the double cd set issued by Elliptical Noise. Same discs in heavy cardboard box with similar leather crafted by Maurizio Opalio, with 12"x12" poster artwork by Roberto Opalio; numbered and signed by the artist. With insert.

"Double CD featuring the previously unreleased 'stereo version' of Volume One, plus an entire second disc of new material presented here as Volume Two. 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Volume I' was indeed issued in 2005 as one of the legendary and ultra-rare, private vinyl editions by Opalio brothers' own Opax Records imprint, pressed in 120 copies in 'Monalien Fidelity' - a clear reference/tribute to ESP's incredible 'monaural' sound recordings. Volume One consists of two long tracks, the very first music recorded by MCIAA after they moved to the new recording space located in the Western Alps, as well as the first experiments in Roberto Opalio's personal technique in the use of wordless vocals as a powerful musical instrument, which has since become one of the most original and distinctive elements of MCIAA's music, and that here can't but recall Tim Buckley's 'Starsailor' mood. Five years later, in October 2009, MCIAA decide to record almost one hour of completely new material to represent the follow-up, 'Black Shadows from Jupiter, Volume II', here all featured in Disc 2. The whole set represents the opportunity of a unique journey in the darkest secrets of the S-System."

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