"[..] some of the finest MCIAA-related recordings ever created. Truly magical deeply mysterious transporting psychic soundtracks to a series of sonic dreams, expertly crafted to magnify and elevate the listening pleasure of even the most ardent psychedelic listener. A tribute to romantic Japanese poet Yosano Akiko, and essential listening for all of us. Just amazing" - George Parson, editor, DREAM MAGAZINE (USA)

"[..] I doubt you’ll hear a more beautiful, tranquil and enchanted record this year - really you’ve just cant help but fall in it’s sonic warmth and lushness and drift off" - Roger Batty, MUSIQUE MACHINE (UK)

"[..] As in traditional Japanese music, much is made of the power of the silence, the resonance of decaying tones, and the weight of the suspenseful interval. Listening to Ponzini, in my minds eye I see the heroine of the first chapter of the 1966 Japanese compendium horror film 'Kwaidan' – the supernatural "woman with the long black hair" as she extracts her revenge against the archetypal unreliable husband. From the opening [track] to the closing [one], where accordion drones leave inedible tracks in the mind, not a note or instrumental choice seems anything other than deeply considered and transcendentally placed." - Tony Dale, TERRASCOPE (UK)

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