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Quotes from international press, interviews, articles and reviews:

"[...] Roberto and his brother Maurizio are the highly advanced lifeforms crewing the mysterious starship that goes by the name of My Cat Is An Alien (MCIAA), plotting a quixotic course through three millennia of cosmic music, from the celestial drones of the Pythagorean monochord onwards, to land up in the gravity-free realm of the No-mind.[...]" - Tony Herrington (The Wire / editor-in-chief & publisher)

"Italy's MY CAT IS AN ALIEN is the finest two-brother band from Italy since the end of the Great War. Their sounds move through the air the way that a tub of fine Roman butter moves through a circus ape[…]" - Thurston Moore and Byron Coley (Arthur Magazine)

"[...] the Opalio brothers are among the most talented artists on the planet." "[...] Roberto and Maurizio Opalio are the new kings of the solar system, and their reign will be nothing but superb." "[...] This is essential music." - Brad Rose (Foxy Digitalis, editor)

"[...] My Cat Is An Alien's music is always free at its root level, always exploring some nook of the cosmos... The brothers have always maintained that what they produce is a kind of psychedelia, and surely that's true. But it is a form of the music so far from the rote harmonics of the paisleys, that it's not recognizable as anything, except perhaps pure hallucination. Then, what could possibly closer to the true nature of psychedelia? The music MCIAA create sounds different, looks different, smells different, depending on where you are in the room. It's a total dislocation of inputs and outputs and everything else. Put that in your pipe and smoke it." - Byron Coley

"[...] This is highly original music." "[...] MCIAA build up some very intense drones, pulses and oscillations; you can get lost inside its minimal, limpid beauty." - Ed Pinsent (The Sound Projector, editor & publisher)

"[...] any notion of conventional technique is sublimated to more inquisitive, exploratory demands, sailing out on slow films of single notes towards an ever retreating horizon…before dissolving into gorgeous denouements of electronics[…]" - David Keenan (The Wire)

"[...] Italian DIY space rockers My Cat Is An Alien's rampant release schedule continues to attract Sun Ra worshippers to their cause. the production takes on the mantle of a release from Saturn." "[...] The creative concept behind the Opalio brothers' ongoing "From the earth to the Spheres" series of dual recordings featuring guest artists is somewhat reminiscent of the ESP-Disk mantra" - Edwin Pouncey (The Wire)

"[...] This is proper minimalism, the art of LaMonte Young; only while Young longed desperately for a trance-state, MCIAA start in one and work from there. is so staggering, so mesmerizing, and makes music on its own terms so definitely, that it has a certain menacing, willfully unpretty, and monolithic grandeur, like some intractable slab of rock, or a vast, empty desert." - Jeff Siegel (Stylus Magazine)

"[...] The ability to improvise is a sign of intelligence, My Cat Is An Alien must have been born with an exceptionally sensitive inner ear." - Moron (Industrial)

"[...] My Cat Is An Alien…mining the seething coalescence of trance acoustics and ambient feedback …volcanic, both in sound quality and seeping magnitude…floating, impressionistic noise." - Tom Roberts (Dusted Magazine)

"[...] I can safely say that My Cat Is An Alien genuinely don't sound like anything else in music right now" - (Second Layer)

"[...] Audio sculptures floating on a tension cable that never looses its way or grows fainter from the first instant to the last. The Beauty of noise in a sum of almost casual gestures." - Vittore Baroni (Rumore)

"[...] we get to see a close-up of a sound sculpture that evolves slowly and explores the sonic depth of minimal guitar textures in a very impressive way." - Mats Gustafsson (Broken Face)

"[...] If Sun Ra was still with us on this planet, he would certainly be proud of his children." - Tom Sekowski (Gaz-Eta)

"[...] this is truly music that inhabits the space between the Earth and the Spheres." - Steve Rybicki (Foxy Digitalis)

"[...] MCIAA, yet again, manage to prove that they are leaders in the field of abstract drones and experimental music." - Smallfish (UK)


MY CAT IS AN ALIEN | Press (selection)

MCIAA appears with extended interviews and articles in the following short selection of magazines, books, radio specials:


- Espoarte #98 1/2 (IT) October 2017 ("Rapimento alieno" article / interview / studio visit by Corinna Conci)

- NYR Contemporary Art Magazine (IT) October 2017 (article / interview by Ramona Ponzini)

- "Thurston Moore: we sing a new language" (Omnibus Press, UK-USA) March 2017 (interview by author Nick Soulsby)

- The Crab (FR) September 2015 (article / interview)

- Rumore Magazine #252 (IT) - 2013 (interview / review by Vittore Baroni)

- Loop (CL) online magazine – 2013 (interview by editor Guillermo Escudero)

- Complicated Sounds (DK) – 2013 (interview by editor)

- La Repubblica (IT) national newspaper – 2011 (cover / interview by Alberto Campo)

- The Wire #331 (UK) September 2011 (cover) ("A Homemade Universe" cover article / interview by Ken Hollings)

- Divorce Music (CAN) – 2011 (interview by editor Darcy Spidle)

- His Voice #1/2010 (CZ) magazine - 2010 (article / interview by Petr Ferenc)

- “Ambient Music 1969-2009” Studio Voice Books / INFAS Books (2009) (JAPAN) (chapter / interview)

- Dream Magazine #9 (USA) - 2009 (article/ interview by editor George Parsons)

- The Wire #251 (UK) January 2005 ("Brothers from another planet" article/ interview by editor-in-chief & publisher Tony Herrington)

- The Wire web-exclusive special interview (UK) - 2005 (interview by editor-in-chief & publisher Tony Herrington)

- Dream Magazine #6 (USA) - 2006 (article/ interview by editor George Parsons)

- VPRO radio TV network (NL) – 2006 (studio session / interview by director Berry Kamer)

- StudioVoice # 392 (JAPAN) - 2008 multi-media mix magazine (interview by Itaru Mita)

- StudioVoice # 391 (JAPAN) - 2008 multi-media mix magazine (interview by Itaru Mita)

- Foxy Digitalis (USA) online magazine - 2008 (article/ interview by François Hubert)

- WDR 3 radio, Koln (DE) – 2008 (4-hour special / interview)

- The Sound Projector #13 (UK) - 2005 (article/ interview by editor Ed Pinsent)

- Foxy Digitalis (USA) online magazine - 2005 (article/ interview by editor Brad Rose)

- Musique Machine (UK) online magazine - 2007 ("Stars in their eyes" interview by Roger Batty)

- Pan-Pot (CAN) online magazine - 2006 ( "Outer-Spaced: An Interview with My Cat Is An Alien" by Eric Theriault) ***the interview also aired on CKUT Radio in Montreal during the month of June 2006***

- His Voice #6/2006 (CZ) magazine - 2006 (article / interview by Petr Ferenc)

- Taxi Magazine (UK) – 2007 (interview by editor Kez)

- KJFC radio (San Francisco, USA) – 2006 (5-hour special / live session / interview by Terry Tyke)

- Il Mucchio (IT) magazine – 2004 (cover / article / interview by Eddy Cilìa)

- Resonance 104.4 fm, London - (2004) (special / live session / interview by Ed Pinsent)

- “Post Rock e oltre. Introduzione alle musiche del 2000” book - (Giunti,1999, IT) (E. Cilia, Stefano I. Bianchi)

- Blow Up magazine (IT) – 1998 (article / interview by Eddy Cilìa)